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Are you interested in adding to, or getting a current appraisal on your numismatic collection? Click HERE for access to the internet's most distinguished source for fine quality collectors coins and current market values on coins and precious metals!

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of BU Franklins I acquired, 100 rolls of 1963-D''s, a total of 2,000 coins, resulted in financial disaster for me and my partner. Oh, the bag quantity was original all right. All the rolls were in their original coin values bank-wrappings, and had obviously never been unwrapped. the coins in these rolls were beautiful, bright blazers. we submitted the 125+ nicest coins to pcgs and ngc for grading, figuring if we got 40 or 50 ms 65''s we''d make a profit. the result? 5 ms 65''s!! the rest graded either ms 64 or ms 63. values why? the majority had a couple too many bag marks (a common problem with bu franklins), or had a bit too much pitting on the high-points of the devices (another common problem with bu franklins), or were too softly struck to grade ms 65 (another common problem with bu franklins, or finally, had some very light hairline scratches, the result of having passed through a u.s. coin values counter! by comparison, a single roll of late date walking liberty half dollars would online likely have more gems among the 20 coins than the 1963-d franklins did among the 2,000. despite having populations a fraction of the walking liberty halves in gem condition, gem franklins are currently priced well below the levels walkers are currently selling at. additionally, if one wishes to compare the populations of untoned, brilliant ms 65 walkers to untoned, brilliant ms 65 franklins, the population differences are even more striking in favor of the franklins!

buyer, there are still opportunities in u.s. numismatics. certainly one of the brightest stars in the numismatic galaxy is the 1950 to 1970 cameo proof and special mint set series. 1950 to 1970 cameo proof coinage represents one of the last frontiers in u.s. numismatics, as few series offer the collector so much in terms of beauty, quality, scarcity, and eye-appeal - for so little, as the top quality cameo proof and special coin collection values mint set coins from values this era. it is one of the few series'' left in u.s. numismatics that offers the collector a chance to own scarce u.s. coins that represent the absolute ultimate in quality - often for a very modest price. most knowledgeable collectors and dealers would agree that there are five primary online factors that help determine a coin''s desirability, coin collection values value, and potential for future price appreciation. not necessarily in order of importance, they are: 1. eye-appeal, 2. quality, 3. rarity, 4. price, and 5. potential for widespread collector appeal. quite simply, cameo proof coinage of the 1950 to 1970 era currently offer more eye-appeal, quality, rarity, and potential for widespread collector appeal per numismatic dollar than any other u.s. coin collection values series i can

think of! let''s take a brief look at these five areas, and how cameo''s rate in relation to other u.s. coinage. values there are few coins in numismatics as attractive as a cameo proof. while some may disagree with this statement, there is no disputing the opinions of literally thousands of online collectors and dealers already familiar with this coinage. proof coins themselves are minted specifically for collectors. coin as such, they have always represented the state-of-the-art in values minting online techniques. the mint has always gone to considerable trouble to produce these coins. proof dies are highly polished and buffed until the surfaces possess a mirror-like perfection. planchets go through extra steps in their preparation, until they too possess a brighter, satiny appearance. traditionally, proof planchets have been hand-fed into the die, and have always been double struck, under higher pressures than business strikes, to bring out every possible detail. once struck, the coins are handled individually so as not to abrade with other coins, as business strikes normally would. cameo proofs were the very earliest strikes off new proof dies. during certain periods in the history of the mint, part of the die preparation process